In China, people are dancing in the streets. In parks, in squares, in the parking lots of grocery stores. We bumped into them in Beijing and in all the cities we passed through. They go out with a big speaker that runs on batteries and they do choreography on traditional music, pop, something that everyone would […]

I took a moment to reflect: when I walk around Bucharest and have stuff to take care of – how do I communicate with the people I meet? We exchange some practical information, and the next second we forget about each other, and mind our own business, as if we spoke through the intercom. Here, it’s the […]

Rare Birds

On a street in Shunping, Hebei province, 8 cages with songbirds hang in a tree. On top of one of the cages there’s a tape recorder. It plays recordings of birds singing. As I take a photo of it, a man comes out of a shop, sees me, goes back inside, returns with another man who […]

There are nine million bicycles in Beijing ♫ only if you count all the trike cars, electric scooters, the tricycles that carry, like ants, mountains of stuff, cars as wide as bicycles that transport an entire family, the travelling food stalls that fry shrimps on the go… all these vehicles are like bicycles and take up […]

Every Breath You Take

Yes, so far we wrote about dancing and how open people in China are and how easy it is to communicate. But there is also this: The pernicious pollution. Yesterday we passed through a region, on the way from Shunping to Quyang, about 250 km south of Beijing, you can not exaggerate how dirty it […]

The Chinese are the sweetest people I’ve met until now, but it seems that taxi drivers are from a different species. One night we missed the last subway at 11 pm and, along with some other people who were late, we got into a beef similar to what was happening in Romania in the ‘90s, when they would […]

Comrade Mao and his friends: Buddha, Confucius, Lao Tzu… I met them near Lingshou, in front of one of the hundreds of tiny factories that have been terrorizing our lungs these recent days. The boss there was very proud of their legacy. He pulled us inside the courtyard and gave us a tour of China’s […]

Today we saw the sun. So it was that I was walking down a paved road in the middle of a field with lots of Chinese who were planting coal. They stop whenever I pass by, they pull out their smartphones and take pictures of me. At some point, everything around gets a copperish hue. People’s skin mirrors the color […]

We see the Sun

We’re driving past the flashing skyline of another million-mile city, directly into the brown fields that blur into the endless smog. Everything here feels like a photo that was accidentally double-exposed. You might think for a moment that you’re alone on the road through harvested cornfields, but here they are, as if from nowhere, farmers […]