The most peculiar dinner I attended has happened, of course, in China, in a little village, while being surrounded by dozens of people who couldn’t get enough of staring at me: the children in front, behind them the men, and the women far in the bacj=k, getting on their tiptoes to witness the show. 

One evening we ran into an event in Baozhuangcun: on one side, there’s a stage with folk musicians, and on the other, there’s some sort of a memorial. We are in the middle of all this and everybody turned around to look at us. Nobody’s interested in the concert or the dead guy anymore.

Once in a while, an old man steps up and delivers a speech, as if some fancy prophecy had just been fulfilled.

I get the feeling that we’re getting closer to that moment when one guy just loses it and everybody else is charging at us. Let’s beat it, I tell Christian. I get on my bike and start going, he stays behind to receive some bagels from a crone. I hear screaming, I see some lights… fuck, the police is here.


Cea mai dubioasă cină pe care am halit-o s-a petrecut, evident, în China, într-un sătuc, înconjurat de zeci de oameni…

Posted by Vlad Ursulean on Saturday, October 8, 2016