Why do we love tyrants?

Under Mao Zedong’s gentle gaze 50 million people died, but people remember him as a saint.

Millions of Chinese visit his home village every year and stop to pray in front of a golden statue. They worship the objects he touched. They keep his portrait high on the walls of their houses.

They all trembled with fear in front of him, and that brought them together. And after years and years, you don’t even remember if it was because of fear, or because of the Holy Spirit of Communism.

Forgive us, Mao, for turning into capitalists!


De ce iubim tiranii?

Sub privirea blajină a lui Mao Zedong au murit 50 de milioane de oameni, dar lumea și-l amintește…

Posted by Casa Jurnalistului on Saturday, November 12, 2016