Mr. Hasselhoff, tear down this wall!

Maybe this is the most romantic shot I made during this trip so far ? Or maybe the lyrics “don’t tell me there’s no dignity in this world/ don’t tell me there is nobody you want to hold” blaring out of this clothing shop’s loudspeakers in Niutunzhen just seemed kind of symbolic to me because […]

How we crashed a funeral and got busted by the police

“We pushed our luck too hard this time”, says Vlad as we’re rolling behind the police. “I knew it.” The blue and red flashing lights on their old Volkswagen reverberate in the dust, the night, the small brick houses of Baozhuangcun. We were the talk of the town. Maybe not everybody liked that. Us walking […]

Fireworks everywhere

We get a flat tire on the highway and we stop to patch it up, when PEW PEW BOOOM, someone is shooting from behind the trees! First instinct – let’s hide; second instinct – let’s explore. Is it a shooting range? No, it’s a funeral procession. People with gloomy faces and white ribbons wrapped around their arms are carrying […]

The Chinese are the sweetest people I’ve met until now, but it seems that taxi drivers are from a different species. One night we missed the last subway at 11 pm and, along with some other people who were late, we got into a beef similar to what was happening in Romania in the ‘90s, when they would […]

I took a moment to reflect: when I walk around Bucharest and have stuff to take care of – how do I communicate with the people I meet? We exchange some practical information, and the next second we forget about each other, and mind our own business, as if we spoke through the intercom. Here, it’s the […]

The Great Journey

How can you communicate with the Chinese? During this journey we won’t be able to talk to people – almost nobody speaks English or any language that we can understand. Even sign language is different! But people are people and somehow we’re going to get along. Maybe we’ll get a deeper understanding of the things that […]