Mr. Hasselhoff, tear down this wall!

Maybe this is the most romantic shot I made during this trip so far ?
Or maybe the lyrics “don’t tell me there’s no dignity in this world/ don’t tell me there is nobody you want to hold” blaring out of this clothing shop’s loudspeakers in Niutunzhen just seemed kind of symbolic to me because it has been so long since I’ve heard an English song in public.

Usually there is only chinese pop or folklore on the streets which doesn’t sound so differently but if you can’t understand the text its much more open to your own interpretation.

In front of another shop in this small town a German electro-pop song blared onto the street: “Hey, was geht ab, wir feiern die ganze Nacht!” Which felt a bit like an out-of-body experience. Not necessarily unpleasant, just really weird. As are the slogans on many Chinese people’s clothes and shops. I saw PHAPMACEUTICAL Industry in big golden letters on the HQ of a company. “Yankee Love Sugar” on a girl’s sweater and “Herrmannsberg” on a T-Shirt. And on a smartphone shop: “Online Offline In The Hands”

It reminds me a bit on how as kids me and my brother imitated the lyrics on my first cassette, a David Hasselhoff album (of which he claimed it was one of the reasons the Berlin wall fell). But if stupid pop tears down another wall, so be it ?