The Idea

So we’re crossing China on bicycles.

We figured there’s this huge thing going on at the other side of the world and we’re totally missing it.

There are hundreds of millions of chinese villagers in the process of being industrialized and digitalized. They’ll probably be the most influential social group of the 21st century. They’ll project their culture all around the world. We’ll all be a bit Chinese, like now we’re part American.

Yet we know almost nothing about them.

So we packed our bags and flew to Beijing, bought a couple of used bicycles and started riding south.

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The explorers: Vlad Ursulean, Christian Gesellmann

Illustration: Matei Branea

Technical support: Casa Jurnalistului, Venera Dimulescu, Sorina Vasile, Mara Dragomir, Victor Bitiușcă.

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